Testing New Shortcodes

Today, I’m just testing out a few new Hugo shortcodes I added to the site. I’ve culled these from around the internet, and hacked together some of my own. You might find them useful, if you’re doing static blogging yourself. You can find all the code on the repo for this site, found here. As I do more and more blogging from the static site generator, this sort of thing will be more and more useful to me, at least.

It's Alive!

Welcome To My Blog Here’s a snippet of Go, using the built-in “highlight” shortcode. func str2int(strnum string) int { i, err := strconv.Atoi(strnum) if err != nil { return 9999 } return i } Here’s a snippet of Java Springboot using code fencing. @RestController @RequestMapping(value = "/hello") public class TrainerController { @GetMapping public String helloWorld(){ return "Hello, World!"; } } Here’s a snippet of Python using code fencing. def test_firefox_browser(headless): bd = BrowserDriver().