Welcome To My Online Home

This site is my first serious attempt to build a statically generated blog. My “heavy” blog can be found at Exiting The Cave. It is a traditional wordpress blog, with all that implies. This blog, however, is meant to simplify my life, in a way. I type these posts out in VIM or Typora, run the Hugo generator, and then push the build directly to this site’s apache doc root. No server-side code, no security threats, no cpu-heavy php or ruby or java. Just a simple apache server, and the text. The way the web was meant to be. I may, over time, add simple javascript instrumentation for various reasons, but for right now, this will do.

Unlike my formal philosophy blog, which tends to avoid my personal feelings, opinions, and tangential topics like politics, culture, and current events, this blog will dabble in that, as well as heavy technical topics, including snippets of code I find, and problems I’ve solved on my new job. I hope you enjoy reading it, but I won’t sweat if you don’t. This blog is more for me, than it is for anyone else. If it happens to gather a following, then so much the better!